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Dielectron Production in 12C + 12C Collisions at 1 GeV/u and the Solution to the DLS Puzzle

Pachmayer, Y. C.; Dohrmann, F.; Grosse, E.; Kanaki, K.; Kaempfer, B.; Kotte, R.; Naumann, L.; Sadovsky, A.; Wüstenfeld, J.; Zhou, P.; Hades Collaboration
The production of e+e− pairs in 12C + 12C collisions at 1 GeV/u was investigated with the HADES experiment at GSI, Darmstadt. In the invariant-mass region 0.15GeV/c2 Mee 0.5GeV/c2 the measured pair yield shows a strong excess above the contribution expected from hadron decays after freeze-out. The data are in good agreement with the results of the former DLS experiment for the same system and energy.


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