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CFD post test calculation of pressurized air / water TOPFLOW hotleg experiments

Höhne, T.; Vallée, C.; Beyer, M.
Stratified two-phase flow regimes can occur
-in the main cooling lines of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)
-Chemical plants
-Oil pipelines
The slug flow regime is characterized by an acceleration of the gaseous phase and by the transition of fast liquid slugs, which carry a significant amount of liquid with high kinetic energy. It is potentially hazardous to the structure of the system due to the strong oscillating pressure levels formed behind the liquid slugs as well as the mechanical momentum of the slugs.
State of the art:
1D system codes validated, but:
geometry and scale dependant
no access to local parameters

CFD codes for application in multiphase flows:
the investigation of the feasibility of numerical prediction of stratified two phase flow with existing multiphase flow models in ANSYS CFX
to prove the understanding of the general fluid dynamic mechanism
to identify the critical parameters (like e.g. slug length, frequency and propagation velocity, pressure drop, CCFL)
to improve the multiphase flow modeling (interfacial momentum transfer, turbulence at the free surface et.)
experimental data required for the validation
Keywords: slug flow, Hot leg, CFD, stratified flow
  • Lecture (Conference)
    6th Workshop Multiphase Flows Simulation, Experiment and Application, 24.-26.06.2008, Dresden, Deutschland

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