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Electron Beam Diagnostics for a Superconducting Radio Frequency Photoelectron Injector

Kamps, T.; Boehlick, D.; Dirsat, M.; Lipka, D.; Quast, T.; Rudolph, J.; Schenk, M.; Arnold, A.; Staufenbiel, F.; Teichert, J.; Will, I.; Klemz, G.
A superconducting radio frequency photo-electron injector (SRF injector)is currently under construction by a collaboration of BESSY, DESY, FZD and MBI. The project aims at the design and setup of a continuous-wave SRF injector including a diagnostics beamline for the ELBE FEL and to address R&D issues on low emittance injectors for future light sources such as the BESSY FEL. Of critical importance for the injector performance is the control of the electron beam parameters. For this reason a compact diagnostics beamline is under development serving a multitude of operation settings. In this paper the layout and the rationale of the diagnostics beamline is described. Furthermore detailed information on specific components is given, together with results from laboratory tests and data taking.
  • Review of Scientific Instruments 79(2008), 093301


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