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Unfolding of higher order exceptional points in a PT-symmetric Bose-Hubbard model

Graefe, E.-M.; Günther, U.; Korsch, H.-J.; Niederle, A.
The physics of the PT-symmetric two-mode Bose-Hubbard model is discussed in detail. Special emphasis is laid on the unfolding of higher-order exceptional points (EPs) and on a detailed presentation of the Newton polygon technique. It is shown that the latter can be considered as a highly efficient tool for the unfolding analysis of higher-order roots in any polynomial equation.
Keywords: PT-symmetric quantum mechanics, Bose-Enstein condensate, Bose-Hubbard model, spectral singularity, exceptional point, Newton polygon technique, Puiseux-Newton technique, higher-order polynomial equation
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Quantum Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP VII), 29.06.-11.07.2008, Benasque, Spain

Publ.-Id: 11525