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CeRu2Si2 and Quantum Critical Metamagnetism?
Weickert, F.; Gegenwart, P.; Garst, M.; Steglich, F.;
CeRu2Si2 is a well-known prototypical heavy fermion system and shows a sudden strong increase in the magnetization M and the sample length ΔL for magnetic fields parallel to the crystallographic c-direction at around 7.8 T. These anomalies occur below 4K and sharpen with decreasing temperatures, but no features for a first order phase transition are observed down to 15mK. We report new thermal expansion α, magnetostriction λ and specific heat C/T measurements, which have been made in mT magnetic field steps around the metamagnetic crossover down to 15mK on very pure single crystals. The results show hints for the existence of a quantum critical endpoint in CeRu2Si2 and were compared with an extended model of metamagnetic quantum criticality, which was first introduced by Millis et al. in 2002.
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    72. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik mit anderen Fachverbänden und den Arbeitskreisen der DPG, 25.-29.02.2008, Berlin, Deutschland

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