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Efficient oxygen gettering in Si by co-implantation of hydrogen and helium
Ou, X.; Koegler, R.; Mücklich, A.; Skorupa, W.; Möller, W.; Wang, X.; Gerlach, J. W.; Rauschenbach, B.;
Hydrogen pre-implantation performed in addition to helium implantation efficiently shrinks the width of the gettering layer in Si and increases the empty volume fraction as well as the internal surface area per unit volume. The gettering efficiency for oxygen is significantly enhanced compared to the single helium implantation, and the helium implantation dose can be strongly reduced. The gas-filled bubble layer induced by the co-implantation of hydrogen and helium has the highest gettering efficiency for the oxygen accumulation. Direct evidence for oxygen gettering at the internal wall of the cavity is demonstrated by cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy (XTEM).
Keywords: ion implantation, gettering, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, silicon, SIMOX

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