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Advanced measuring techniques for multiphase flow at Research Center Dresden-Rossendorf
Da Silva, M. J.;
Multiphase flow, the simultaneous stream in a pipe or vessel of two or more physically distinct and immiscible substances, is present in many industry branches. The correct understanding and modeling of such flows is a key issue for safety and efficiency aspects of processes and plants where they occur. In this presentation, state-of-the-art measuring techniques for investigation of multiphase flows are presented which have been developed or are under investigation at Research Center Dresden-Rossendorf. Special focus has been given to imaging techniques which are able to resolve phase distributions at high temporal and spatial resolution, including different types of wire-mesh sensors, gamma ray tomography and ultra fast electron beam tomography. Furthermore, the application of such techniques in basic research as well as industrial applications is presented and discussed.
Keywords: Multiphase flow, imaging techniques, wire-mesh sensor, tomography
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Research Seminar, Engineering School of Sao Carlos, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidade de Sao Paulo, 08.10.2008, Sao Carlos, Brazil

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