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Sorption of uranium(VI) onto opalinus clay in absence and presence of humic acid
Joseph, C.;
An anaerobic opalinus clay sample was characterized (BET, TC, TOC, CEC, XRD, IR). No significant differences between the aerobic and the anaerobic clay could be determined.
For the uranium(VI) sorption onto kaolinite the effect of the background electrolyte was investigated. An explanation for the different results is given by EQ3/6-speciation diagrams. The uranium(VI) sorption onto aerobic opalinus clay (S/L = 60 g/l) in opalinus clay pore water in absence and presence of humic acid was investigated and compared with the according uranium(VI)-humic acid-kaolinite sorption results.
Keywords: opalinus clay, characterization, anaerobic, sorption, uranium(VI), speciation, humic acid, kaolinite
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    Meeting FZD - PSI, 03.-04.11.2008, Rossendorf, Germany

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