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Origin of the ferromagnetism in defective TiO2 single crystals
Zhou, S.; Cizmar, E.; Potzger, K.; Krause, M.; Talut, G.; Helm, M.; Fassbender, J.ORC; Zvyagin, S. A.; Wosnitza, J.; Schmidt, H.
In this paper we show that ferromagnetism can be induced in pure TiO2 single crystals by oxygen ion irradiation. By combining x-ray diffraction, Raman-scattering, and electron spin resonance spectroscopy, a defect complex, Ti^{3+} ions on the substitutional sites accompanied by oxygen vacancies, has been identified in irradiated TiO2. This kind of defect complex results in a lattice strain and a local (TiO_{6-x}) stretching Raman mode. We elucidate that Ti^{3+} ions with one unpaired 3d electron provide the local magnetic moments.
Keywords: TiO2, Induced ferromagnetism, Defects, ESR
  • Physical Review B 79(2009), 113201
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.113201
  • Poster
    International Conference on Magnetism, 26.-31.07.2009, Karlsruhe, Germany


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