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Integration of Thin-Film-Fracture-Based Nanowires into Microchip Fabrication
Jebril, S.; Elbahri, M.; Titazu, G.; Subannajui, K.; Essa, S.; Niebelschütz, F.; Röhlig, C.-C.; Cimalla, V.; Ambacher, O.; Schmidt, B.; Kabiraj, D.; Avasti, D.; Adelung, R.;
One-step device fabrication through the integration of nanowires (NWs) into silicon microchips is still under intensive scientific study as it has proved difficult to obtain a reliable and controllable fabrication technique.
So far, the techniques are either costly or suffer from small throughput. Recently, a cost-effective method based on thin-film fracture that can be used as a template for NW fabrication was suggested. Here, a way to integrate NWs between microcontacts is demonstrated. Different geometries of microstructured photoresist formed by using standard photolithography are analyzed. Surprisingly, a very simple ‘‘stripe’’ geometry is found to yield highly reproducible fracture patterns, which are convenient templates for fault-tolerantNWfabrication. Microchips containing integrated Au, Pd, Ni, and Ti NWs and their suitability for studies of conductivity and oxidation behavior are reported, and their suitability as a hydrogen sensor is investigated. Details of the fabrication process are also discussed.
Keywords: gas detection, microchip fabrication, nanowires, thin-film fractures

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