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Tunable-frequency ESR as a tool to study magnetic excitations in highly-correlated electron systems
Zvyagin, S.;
In this presentation I will talk about recent development of the high-field Electron Spin Resonance program at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD) in Rossendorf. A unique feature of the facility is a combination of an extraordinary broad frequency range, 9 GHz - 100 THz (quasi-continuously covered by a number of tunable-frequency radiation sources, including THz-range free-electron laser FELBE) and high magnetic fields (up to 60 T). The talk will be illustrated by tunable-frequency ESR results obtained in sine-Gordon chain material Cu-PM and BEC candidate NiCl2-4SC(NH22 (known as DTN).
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    Einladung durch BESSY, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, 03.11.2008, Berlin-Adlershof, Deutschland

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