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The impact of a vertically travelling magnetic field on the flow in a cylindrical liquid metal bubble plume
Zhang, C.; Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.;
This paper describes laboratory experiments for investigations of flow structures and related transport processes in liquid metal bubbly flows under the influence of a travelling magnetic field (TMF). The melt flow is driven by central gas injection into a cylindrical container filled with the low melting point alloy GaInSn. Velocity fields of both the liquid and the gaseous phase were measured non-intrusively using the ultrasound Doppler method. Depending on the travelling direction of the magnetic field, the TMF mainly imposes either a co-current or counter flow with respect to the original bubble-driven circulation. In general, the application of a downward TMF significantly increases the liquid velocity all over the fluid volume. An upward TMF gives rise to more complex structures of the velocity field resulting in alternately arranged up- and downstream regions. Both the upward and downward TMF promote the occurrence of non-steady motions with distinct velocity fluctuations leading to an intensification of related transport processes in the melt and providing the perspective of enhanced mixing efficiencies.
Keywords: fluid flow, liquid metal, bubble plume, magnetic field, mixing
  • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 40(2009)5, 700-711

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