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Structure sensitive properties of Al-Si liquid alloys
Sklyarchuk, V.; Plevachuk, Y.; Yakymovich, A.; Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.; Eigenfeld, K.;
Development and application of new expedient aluminium-based light alloys are a key issue in current materials science. In this study we present measurements of the thermophysical properties of liquid Al-7wt%Si, AlSi7Mg, and AlSi8Cu3 (wt.%) alloys, which are the most utilized casting alloys in the aluminium industry. Experimental data with respect to the density, viscosity, electrical and thermal conductivity have been determined in a wide temperature range and corresponding fit relations have been derived. A comparison with already published data and scaling relations available in the literature is given.
Keywords: Al-Si alloys; density; viscosity; electrical conductivity; thermal conductivity

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