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Dipole transition strengths in 26Mg
Schwengner, R.; Rusev, G.; Fujita, Y.; Erhard, M.; de Frenne, D.; Grosse, E.; Junghans, A.; Kosev, K.; Schilling, K. D.; Wagner, A.;
Dipole transitions from J = 1+ and 1- states in 26Mg were studied by means of photon scattering. The 1+ and 1- states were excited with bremsstrahlung produced by an electron beam of 13.0 MeV kinetic energy provided by the superconducting electron linear accelerator ELBE. We determined the transition strengths from 1+ and 1- states to the ground state as well as to low-lying states. In addition, we observed a J = 1 state at 11.154 MeV, above the neutron-separation energy of 11.093 MeV, and determined its partial gamma decay width for the first time.
Keywords: Nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, photon scattering, dipole transition strengths.

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