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The system Vanadium:Silicon - an ion-beam generated diluted magnetic semiconductor? – a case study
Thieme, M. B.; Gemming, S.; Potzger, K.; Anwand, W.; Grötzschel, R.; Grenzer, J.;
Since approximately 20 years we have controversial discussions about the possibility of ion beam generated diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS) primarily transition metals in silicon. Now a detailed study has been done for the system Vanadium:Silicon. Vanadium and silicon form several binary compounds; the most well characterized structures have the compositions V:Si= 3:1, 5:3, 6:5, 1:2; as well as different constellations of substitutional and interstitial vanadium atoms in a silicon crystal matrix. Suitable magnetic properties of a semiconductor are important for DMS.
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    IBMM 08 - 16th International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials, 03.09.2008, Dresden, Deutschland

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