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In-situ investigations at BM20-ROBL
Grenzer, J.; Baehtz, C.; Beckers, M.; Jeutter, N. M.; von Borany, J.;
The beamline BM20 operated by the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is located at ESRF storage ring and divided into two experimental stations for spectroscopy and diffraction. A double crystal monochromator provides an energy range from 6 to 30 keV. A six-circle goniometer allows different scattering and diffraction methods like XRR, XRD, GID and GISAXS, additionally even in combination with X-ray spectroscopy. Different detector systems (point, one, two dimensional or energy dispersive) as well as an additional detector bank for large area detectors are available. A major part of ROBL-MRH experiments are performed as in-situ X-ray studies using a dual magnetron sputtering deposition chamber equipped optionally with an ion gun for ion beam bombardment and erosion. Using a hemispherical Beryllium dome scattering experiments can be carried out up to 1200°C under vacuum conditions.
The focus of the beamline research is on thin film investigations and on new nanostructured materials. X-ray investigations are a very important tool to find the correlation between the functional and the corresponding structural properties that are generating this function and to explain the influence of different deposition conditions, substrate parameters etc. by the underlying physical processes making it possible to design thin films with specific properties.
By the use of the deposition chamber for reactive magnetron sputtering thin films of Ti2AlN were for the first time synthesized. Different ways of synthesis, the thermal and phase behavior were investigated [1, 2].
A key element for the development of a new generation of solar cells are nanocrystalline materials. In-situ studies of the growth of SiO2/GeOx multilayers were carried out to create Ge nanocrystalls by subsequent thermal decomposition or directly by sputtering at elevated temperatures.

[1] C. Höglund et al.; Appl. Phys. Lett., 90, 174106, (2007).
[2] M. Beckers et al.; Appl. Phys. Lett., 89, 074101, (2006).
Keywords: synchrotron radiation, nanostructures
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Materials Science and Engineering 2008 - MSE08, 01.-04.09.2008, Nuernberg, Germany

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