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Determination of the polarization characteristics of the ELBE free electron laser
Lee, J. S.; Gensch, M.; Hinrichs, K.; Seidel, W.; Schade, U.;
In this work, we investigated polarization characteristics of the ELBE infrared free electron laser at the experimental position by adapting imaging ellipsometry technique. We found that the laser beam has a Gaussian-like power distribution with a diameter of 3–4 mm and exhibits a linearly polarized character throughout the whole area investigated. We also evaluated the degree of polarization amounting to 98% which demonstrates a tiny depolarization effect during the beam transfer via several optical elements from the source to the experimental position.
Keywords: Free electron laser; Infrared; Polarization; Stokes parameter
  • Infrared Physics and Technology 51(2008)6, 537-540

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