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THz free-electron laser FELBE at the radiation source ELBE
Seidel, W.;
This paper reviews the basic properties of the infrared free-electron laser FELBE at the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. A few highlight experiments using the cw-operation are discussed. Driven by a superconducting linear accelerator, FELBE continuously generates infrared pulses with a repetition rate of 13 MHz. In addition, operation in a macropulse modus (pulse duration >100µs, repetition rate ≤ 25 Hz) is possible. At present FELBE delivers µJ pulses with typical duration of about 0.9-30 ps in the wavelength range 4-230 µm. Furthermore we give an outlook on the experiments will use the beam of FELBE in the High Magnetic Field Laboratory Dresden (HLD). The HLD will provide pulsed magnetic fields up to 60 T. It operates as a user facility since 2007.
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    FLASH users-meeting and kick-off workshop: THZ beamline, 08.-10.09.2008, Hamburg, Deutschland

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