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Terawatt diode-pumped Yb:CaF2 laser
Siebold, M.; Hornung, M.; Boedefeld, R.; Podleska, S.; Klingebiel, S.; Wandt, C.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.; Uecker, R.; Jochmann, A.; Hein, J.; Kaluza, M. C.;
We present what we believe to be the first terawatt diode-pumped laser employing single-crystalline Yb:CaF2 as the amplifying medium. A maximum pulse energy of 420 mJ at a repetition rate of 1 Hz was achieved by seeding with a stretched femtosecond pulse 2 ns in duration, preamplified to 40 mJ. After recompression, a pulse energy of 197 mJ and a duration of 192 fs were obtained, corresponding to a peak power of 1 TW. Furthermore, nanosecond pulses containing an energy of up to 905 mJ were generated without optical damage.
Keywords: Diode pumped laser caf2
  • Optics Letters 33(2008)23, 2770-2772

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