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Diameter and Morphology Dependent Raman Signatures of WS2 Nanostructures
Krause, M.; Virsek, M.; Remskar, M.; Salacan, N.; Fleischer, N.; Chen, L.; Hatto, P.; Kolitsch, A.; Möller, W.;
WS2 fullerene particles and nanotubes show a diameter and morphology dependent Raman response, see figure showing response for WS2 nanotubes of 290 nm and 50 nm diameter. This enables the classification of WS2 nanotubes, fullerenes, and nanocrystals, and the estimation of geometric properties (Table of Contents).
Keywords: inorganic fullerenes, layered compounds, nanotubes, Raman spectroscopy, tribological thin films

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