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Probing the impact of microstructure on the electroluminescence properties of Ge-nanocrystal enriched Er-doped SiO2 layers
Kanjilal, A.; Rebohle, L.; Baddela, N. K.; Zhou, S.; Voelskow, M.; Skorupa, W.; Helm, M.;
We present the microstructural evolution in Ge-rich SiO2 doped with Er under different fabrication conditions. At sufficiently high Er contents and annealing temperatures, the Er2O3 and Er2Ge2O7 phases are eventually formed, leading to an electroluminescence quenching of Ge-related oxygen-deficiency centers. The correlation between the microstructure and electroluminescence is discussed based on: (i) an Er doping dependent fragmentation/amorphization of Ge nanocrystals, (ii) a temperature dependent Ge diffusion toward the Si/SiO2 interface, and (iii) the formation of different Er phases.
Keywords: EL, XRD, RBS, Ge NCs, Er

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