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Role of soft-iron impellers on the mode selection in the VKS dynamo experiment
Giesecke, A.; Stefani, F.; Gerbeth, G.;
A crucial point for the understanding of the von-Karman-Sodium (VKS) dynamo experiment is the influence of soft-iron impellers. We present numerical simulations of a VKS-like dynamo with a localized permeability distribution that resembles the shape of the flow driving impellers. It is shown that the presence of soft-iron material essentially determines the dynamo process in the VKS experiment. An axisymmetric magnetic field mode can be explained by the combined action of the soft-iron disk and a rather small $\alpha$-effect parametrizing the induction effects of unresolved small scale flow fluctuations.
Keywords: dynamo VKS simulation permeability magnetohydrodynamics

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