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Experimental investigation of the flow in a continuous casting mould under the influence of a transverse DC magnetic field

Timmel, K.; Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.

This paper describes laboratory experiments aimed at investigations of flow structures and related transport processes in the continuous casting mould under the influence of an external DC magnetic field. The main value of cold metal laboratory experiments consists in the capabilities to obtain quantitative flow measurements with a reasonable spatial and temporal resolution. Experimental results will be presented which have been obtained using a physical model operating with the room temperature alloy GaInSn. According to the concept of the electromagnetic brake the impact of a DC magnetic field on the outlet flow from the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) has been studied up to Hartmann numbers of about 400. The effect of the magnetic field on the flow structure turned out to be rather complex. The flow measurements do not manifest a smooth braking effect which would be expected as an overall damping of the flow velocity and the related fluctuations all-over the mould volume. Variations of the wall conductivity showed a striking impact on the resulting flow structures. The experiments provide a substantial data base for the validation of respective numerical simulations.

Keywords: continuous casting; mould flow; electromagnetic brake; flow measurements; ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry

Publ.-Id: 13854