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Evaluation of periodic operation of a trickle-bed reactor based on empirical modelling

Brzić, D.; Schubert, M.; Häring, H.; Lange, R.; Petkovska, M.

In this paper we propose a new procedure for fast evaluation of the potential of periodic operations in trickle-bed reactors, based on empirical modeling. Step response experiments, with different input amplitudes, were performed on a laboratory trickle-bed reactor, in order to derive a simple nonlinear dynamic model. α-methylstyrene (AMS) hydrogenation was used as a test reaction and the feed AMS concentration was used as the modulated input. An empirical nonlinear model was postulated and used for simulation of periodic operations. The simulation of a periodic operation with sinusoidal modulation of the inlet AMS concentration with 40 % amplitude resulted with up to 35% higher time averaged conversion than the corresponding steady-state one.

Publ.-Id: 14049