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Some recent developments in the field of measuring techniques and instrumentation for liquid metal flows
Eckert, S.; Buchenau, D.; Gerbeth, G.; Stefani, F.; Weiss, F.-P.;
The paper reports on new developments in the field of measuring techniques for liquid metal flows. We present three variants of a fully contactless electromagnetic flow meter for determining the integral flow rate in a channel flow. Respective test measurements have been performed at a liquid sodium and lead loop, respectively. One of the sensors is of particular interest since its operation does not depend on the electrical conductivity of the liquid metal, hence it is independent on the melt temperature. The Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry (UDV) determines the velocity profile along the ultrasonic beam, and has the capability to work even through the channel wall. We present measurements obtained in a liquid sodium channel flow. Further, we report on the development of a contactless magnetic tomography of the global flow pattern in liquid metals. This method provides the full three-dimensional mean velocity distribution in a given liquid metal volume.
Keywords: liquid metal, flow measurements, electromagnetic flow meter, Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry (UDV), Contactless Inductive Flow Tomography (CIFT)
  • Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 48(2011), 490-498

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