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Surface tension and density of liquid Bi-Pb, Bi-Sn and Bi-Pb-Sn eutectic alloys

Plevachuk, Y.; Sklyarchuk, V.; Gerbeth, G.; Eckert, S.; Novakovic, R.
Surface tension and density measurements of liquid Bi-Pb, Bi-Sn and Bi-Pb-Sn eutectic alloys were carried out by the large drop method in the temperature range 350 - 750 K. The regular solution model is used in conjunction with Butler's equation to calculate the surface tension of binary and ternary alloys of the Bi-Pb-Sn system, while the surface tension of ternary alloys is also predicted by geometric models. The new experimental results were compared with the calculated values of the surface tension as well as with the data available in literature.
Keywords: surface tension, density eutectic alloys, large drop method, bismuth, lead, tin
  • Surface Science 605(2011), 1034-1042


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