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Development of a high resolution and high dispersion Thomson Parabola
Jung, D.; Hoerlein, R.; Kiefer, D.; Letzring, S.; Gautier, D. C.; Schramm, U.; Huebsch, C.; Oehm, R.; Albright, B. J.; Fernandez, J. C.; Habs, D.; Hegelich, B. M.;
Here we report on the development of a novel high resolution and high dispersion Thomson Parabola for simultaneously resolving protons and low-Z ions of more than 100 MeV/nucleon necessary to explore novel laser-ion-acceleration schemes. High electric and magnetic ¯elds enable energy resolutions of ¢E=E < 5% at 100 MeV/nucleon and impede premature merging of di®erent ion species at low energies on the detector plane. First results from laser driven ion acceleration experiments performed at the Trident Laser facility demonstrate high resolution and superior species and charge state separation of this novel Thomson parabola for ion energies of more than 30 MeV/nucleon.
Keywords: laser ion acceleration, ino spectrometer

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