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Self-assembled Ag nanoparticles on plasma sputtered hexagonally ordered GaSb nanodots
Ranjan, M.; Fritzsche, M.; Zhou, J.; Facsko, S.; Möller, W.;
Low energy ion-irradiation is capable to produce self-organized ripple and dot pattern on surfaces [1, 2].Ion bombardment normal to surface generate hexagonally correlated dot pattern on semiconductor surfaces [2]. Metal film grown on such pre-patterned substrate may lead to highly ordered self-assembled nanoparticles or nanowires [3]. Ordered metal nanoparticles show unique optical properties [4, 5]. In this work negatively biased (-1.2 kV) GaSb substrate was immersed in an inductively coupled RF plasma. Plasma sheath formation around the sample maintained the normal ion incidence. Ion fluence equivalent to 1x1018 cm-2 is sufficient to produce well pronounced hexagonally ordered dot structures. Later oblique incidence PVD growth of silver on such substrate, produce self-assemble nanoparticles fallowing the dots periodicity. Reflection measurement shows a plasmonic splitting and results in two pronounce resonance peak. Such a splitting is arises due to hexagonal arrangement of nanoparticles, not appeared for non-ordered particles. More details study of this work will be presented.

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    Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE), 13.-17.09.2010, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Deutschland

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