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Energy oscillations and a possible route to chaos in a modified Riga dynamo
Stefani, F.; Gailitis, A.; Gerbeth, G.;
Starting from the present version of the Riga dynamo experiment with its rotating magnetic eigenfield dominated by a single frequency we ask for those modifications of this set-up that would allow for a non-trivial magnetic field behaviour in the saturation regime. Assuming an increased ratio of azimuthal to axial flow velocity, we obtain energy oscillations with a frequency below the eigenfrequency of the magnetic field. These new oscillations are identified as magneto-inertial waves that result from a slight imbalance of Lorentz and inertial forces. Increasing the azimuthal velocity further, or increasing the total magnetic Reynolds number, we find transitions to a chaotic behaviour of the dynamo.
  • Astronomische Nachrichten 332(2011), 4-10

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