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Surface sensitivity of ion implanted titanium to hydroxyapatite formation
Pham, M. T.; Matz, W.; Reuther, H.; Richter, E.; Steiner, G.; Oswald, S.;
Titanium surfaces containing CaO and P2O5 were prepared by ion implantation of Ca and P and subsequent oxidation. Their reactivity to form hydroxyapatite was examined by in situ microscopically recording the surface mineralization in a simulated body fluid. The ion implanted surfaces exhibit enhanced mineralization by inducing heterogeneous nucleation, growth, and proliferation of hydroxyapatite, relative to a control sample of pure Ti. The surface induced reactivity was shown to relate to the mineral precursors Ca2+ and (HPO4)2- directly supplied from the surface and the substrate-mediated nucleation by hydroxylated surface TiO2.
Keywords: biomaterials, titanium, hydroxyapatite
  • Journal of Materials Science Letters 19 (2000) 313
  • Mater. Sci. Lett. 19 (2000) 443-445

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