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Ion beam analysis studies of ancient glass bracelets discovered in Bucharest
Bugoi, R.; Poll, I.; Manucu-Adamesteanu, G.; Calligaro, T.; Pichon, L.; Neelmeijer, C.; Eder, F.;
Eight fragments of glass bracelets from the XVIII-XIXth centuries discovered in Bucharest were analyzed using external IBA methods (PIXE-PIGE) at AGLAE tandem, C2RMF, Paris and at HZDR tandem, Dresden. The investigated objects had different glass recipes, indicating their manufacturing in several workshops. Cupric oxide was the blue cromophore for all analyzed glass fragments.
Keywords: historical glass, glass bracelets, compositional analysis, IBA, PIXE, PIGE, Bucharest
  • Open Access LogoRomanian Reports in Physics 63(2011)4, 912-922

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