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Status of the Pulsed-Magnet-Development Program at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Zherlitsyn, S.; Wustmann, B.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.; Wosnitza, J.;
The Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD) is a pulsed-field user facility which offers to researches a variety of experimental techniques combined with nondestructive pulsed magnetic fields. Recently a new, 9.5 MJ dualcoil magnet has been commissioned. This magnet has achieved magnetic field of 91.4 T in a 16 mm bore and it is available for users now. In this paper, we report on some key upgrades in the magnet design which have led to breaking the 90 T limit at the HLD. Further possible design improvements are discussed. In addition, we share our operational experience obtained with the pulsed magnets.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    MT22, 12.-16.09.2011, Marseille, France

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