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Fluctuation conductivity in melt-textured YBaCuO samples under low magnetic fields
Dias, F. T.; Vieira, V. N.; Pureur, P.; Rodrigues Jr., P.; Obradors, X.; Wolff-Fabris, F.;
We have studied thermal fluctuations of the electrical conductivity in melt-textured YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) samples under low magnetic fields. Measurements were performed either for current applied parallel or perpendicular to the c-axis and fluctuation conductivity was studied in the proximity of the superconducting transition. Two melt processed samples were prepared with different concentrations of Y2Ba1Cu1O5 (Y211) phase. For the sample with lower concentration, 3D-Gaussian and genuine critical 3D-XY-E fluctuation regimes were identified in the conductivity parallel to the ab plane and a regime beyond 3D-XY was also observed. The 3D-XY-E scaling was also identified in the fluctuation conductivity along the c-axis. In the sample with higher concentration of the Y211 phase, disorder effects are relevant. The results indicate that the superconducting state in YBCO has a three-dimensional character, and suggest the presence of a sub-dominant order-parameter component that has an appreciable projection along the c-axis.

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