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Design and Implementation of Interactive Visualisation Configuration using Interaction Paradigms in Virtual Reality Environment
Skripcak, T.; Tanuska, P.; Schmeißer, N.;
This article is aimed on the specific task of interaction with an immerse visualisation application. The first part of the article provides basic introduction into interaction paradigms in 3D space. After that classification and description of standard interaction tasks are presented. We introduce our view of matter on relations between the 3D interaction and standard interaction techniques. The second part describes hardware and software components of our VR system. Furthermore an overview of the architecture and implementation details of system for interactive visualisation configuration is discussed. We describe design specifications of a 3D UI, which helps to make interaction less error prone for inexperienced users. A specific solution for performing numerical input is also provided. The main goal of the article is to describe how 3D user interface paradigms can be implemented in the VR system.
Keywords: VirtualReality visualization, 3d interaction
  • Open Access LogoInternational Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) 1(2011)5, 57-65

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