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Studies on Boiling Water Reactor design with reduced moderation and analysis of reactivity accidents using the code DYN3D-MG
Rohde, U.; Pivovarov, V. A.; Matveev, Y. A.;
The multi-group version of the DYN3D reactor dynamics code was used for calculations for a new concept of a boiling water reactor with tight lattice of fuel rods and reduced neutron moderation. For that purpose, a 5-group cross section library was prepared and connected to the DYN3D code. Comparison calculations with the steady-state finite-difference code ACADEM showed a very good agreement.
The capability of the DYN3D multi-group code in modeling transients in boiling water reactors with tight fuel element lattices was demonstrated by the analysis of two reactivity accidents initiated by the ejection of one control rod and unauthorized withdrawal of a control rod bank from the reactor core. The corresponding analyses were performed for begin of cycle conditions, when the considered control rods are at their maximum insertion depth.
Keywords: high conversion reactor, boiling water reactor, tight fuel lattice, core design, reactor dynamics, reactivity-initiated accidents
  • Kerntechnik 77(2012)4, 240-248

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