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Phenomenology of iron-assisted ion beam pattern formation on Si(001)
Macko, S.; Frost, F.; Engler, M.; Hirsch, D.; Hoche, T.; Grenzer, J.; Michely, T.;
Pattern formation on Si(001) through 2 keV Kr(+) ion beam erosion of Si(001) at an incident angle of v = 30 degrees and in the presence of sputter co-deposition or co-evaporation of Fe is investigated by using in situ scanning tunneling microscopy, ex situ atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy. The phenomenology of pattern formation is presented, and experiments are conducted to rule out or determine the processes of relevance in ion beam pattern formation on Si(001) with impurities. Special attention is given to the determination of morphological phase boundaries and their origin. Height fluctuations, local flux variations, induced chemical inhomogeneities, silicide formation and ensuing composition-dependent sputtering are found to be of relevance for pattern formation.

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