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Development and validation of a morphology detection algorithm (AIAD)
Höhne, T.;
Counter current flow was successfully simulated in the Hot Leg Channel.
A new surface drag model inside the morphology detection algorithm AIAD was introduced, it further improves the physics.
The qualitative structure of the flow morphology is similar to the one observed in the experiment (slug flow regime).
The calculated quantitative CCFL characteristics & water levels inside the hot leg channel were in an agreement with the experiments.
CFD calculations of 1:1 scaled UPTF CCFL experiments show very promizing results .
The effect of turbulence parameters near the free surface has to be studied in future.
Validation of the AIAD model is going on – Official release of the AIAD framework in CFX is on the way.
Keywords: UPTF CCFL CFD Hot Leg Channel AIAD CFX
  • Lecture (Conference)
    AER Working Group C and G, 31.05.-01.06.2012, Paks, Ungarn

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