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Focused Ion Beams - Status and New Trends
Bischoff, L.;
In the last decade focused ion beams (FIB) became an irrecoverable instrument in research and industry. Sample preparation, local ion implantation and ion analysis are the main application topics. Most of the systems are equipped with a gallium liquid metal ion source (LMIS). But, modern trends in nanotechnology require more extended properties like variable ion species, non-contaminating milling at higher rates or higher lateral resolution in the field of ion microscopy [1].
In this presentation the implementation of an alloy LMIS in a mass separated FIB system is introduced. Fabrication and characterization of such sources will be briefly shown and prospective applications like self-organized surface modification with focused heavy cluster ions on a germanium surface or local ion beam syntheses of CoSi2 nanostructures are demonstrated.
Furthermore the status and application of new source concepts including prototypes will be reviewed in particular high current gas sources (ECR, ICP) for effective high rate milling, ion trap sources providing highly charged ions or used for SIMS applications as well as gas field ion sources for high resolution ion microscopy in the sub-nm range. Additionally, the use of alloy liquid metal ion sources and its characterization for mass separated FIB systems and ToF-SIMS applications will be presented. New trends and possibilities in FIB employment will be discussed.
Keywords: FIB, LMIS, Mass sparation, alternative FIB Sources, SIMS
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    ITG WORKSHOP: Vacuum Electronics 2012, 20.-21.08.2012, Bad Honnef, Germany

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