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CFD analysis on the NUPEC PWR Subchannel and Bundle Test (PSBT) - model calibration and influence of turbulence modelling
Krepper, E.; Rzehak, R.;
The presentation shows CFD calculations of the void distribution tests of the PSBT benchmark using ANSYS CFX-12.1. First, relevant aspects of the implemented wall boiling model are reviewed highlighting the uncertainties in several model parameters. It is then shown that the measured cross sectionally averaged values can be reproduced well with a single set of calibrated model parameters for different tests cases. For the reproduction of patterns of void distribution cross sections attention has to be focussed on the modelling of turbulence in the narrow channel. Only a turbulence model with the capability to resolve turbulent secondary flows is able to reproduce at least qualitatively the observed void distribution patterns. Furthermore the influence of bubble forces on the void distribution cross sections was shown.
Keywords: CFD, wall boiling, CFX, PSBT benchmark, rod bundle, two phase flow, turbulence, bubble forces
  • Lecture (Conference)
    AER WG C and D Meeting, 31.05.-01.06.2012, Paks, Ungarn

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