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Bypassing the bandwidth theorem with PT symmetry
Ramezani, H.; Schindler, J.; Ellis, F.; Günther, U.; Kottos, T.;
The beat time associated with the energy transfer between two coupled oscillators is dictated by the bandwidth theorem which sets a lower bound. We show, both experimentally and theoretically, that two coupled active LRC electrical oscillators with parity-time (PT) symmetry bypass the lower bound imposed by the bandwidth theorem, reducing the beat time to zero while retaining a real valued spectrum and fixed eigenfrequency difference. Our results foster design strategies which lead to (stable) pseudo-unitary wave evolution, and may allow for ultrafast computation, telecommunication, and signal processing.
Keywords: PT symmetry, PT quantum mechanics, LRC circuits, bandwidth theorem, PT-brachistochrone, tachistochrone, evolution time contraction, evolution time dilation, beat time reduction

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