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Investigation of upward cocurrent gas-liquid pipe flow using ultrafast X-ray tomography and wire-mesh sensor
Zhang, Z.; Bieberle, M.; Barthel, F.; Szalinski, L.; Hampel, U.;
Ultrafast X-ray tomography and wire-mesh sensor as two high-speed imaging modalities were applied to study upward gas-liquid flow in a vertical pipe of 50 mm inner diameter. High speed scanning of the flow cross-section was performed with 2500 frames per second with both modalities. Sequences of two-dimensional distributions of local gas fraction were acquired and further analyzed. Radial profiles of time averaged gas fraction distributions show a good agreement for both imaging techniques. Furthermore radial gas velocity profiles were obtained from a temporal cross-correlation of the image data of both measurement techniques and also bubble size distributions from binarized image data were compared.
Keywords: gas-liquid flow, ultrafast X-ray tomography, wire-mesh sensor

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