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TELBE - the super-radiant THz test-facility at ELBE
Green, B.; Kovalev, S.; Hauser, J.; Kuntzsch, M.; Al-Shemmary, A.; Schneider, H.; Winnerl, S.; Seidel, W.; Zvyagin, S.; Wall, S.; Radu, I.; Eng, L. M.; Lehnert, U.; Helm, M.; Stojanovic, N.; Heberle, J.; Cavalleri, A.; Michel, P.; Gensch, M.;
It has been shown recently that relativistic electron bunches can be utilized for the generation of super-radiant coherent THz radiation by one single pass through an undulator, bending magnet, or CDR/CTR screens. However, the high THz fields have all been achieved at large accelerators that allow for high electron beam energies. A crucially important research topic for the next years at the HZDR is therefore to investigate whether an equally fine control over highly charged electron bunch form can be routinely achieved in a low electron beam energy accelerator like ELBE. If successful this development would allow the generation of high field THz fields by linear accelerators at considerably reduced cost. Given stable operation can be provided, TELBE, could also become a world-wide unique research facility for high field THz science. The current status and an outlook on future developments are presented.
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    77. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG-Frühjahrstagung, 04.-08.03.2013, Dresden, Deutschland

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