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Novel ultrasound array measurement system for flow mapping of complex liquid metal flows

Nauber, R.; Burger, M.; Büttner, L.; Franke, S.; Räbiger, D.; Eckert, S.; Czarske, J.

In magnetohydrodynamics, model experiments are commonly conducted to investigate the interaction between magnetic fields and electrically conductive fluids. The available flow instrumentation for opaque fluids usually lacks the ability to capture and visualize a velocity field in one shot. We present a multidimensional ultrasound array Doppler velocimeter that employs multiple line arrays of transducers and allows to resolve small scale structures in complex flows. The system archives a lateral resolution up to 3mm, an axial resolution of approx. 1:4mm and frame rates up to 30Hz in metal melts at room temperature. A flexible sensor arrangement allows for various measurement configurations, e.g. four planes can be measured simultaneously with one velocity component, two planes with two components or two lines with three components. We present an experiment in a square shaped container driven by a rotating magnetic field and results of a model experiment for continuous steel casting. The measurement system has proven to be a powerful tool for research in magnetohydrodynamics.

Publ.-Id: 18085