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Enhancing the High Temperature Capability of Ti-Alloys
Donchev, A.; Schutze, M.; Kolitsch, A.; Yankov, R.;
Titanium is a widely used structural material for applications below approximately 500 degrees C but right now it cannot be used at higher temperatures. Titanium forms a fast growing rutile layer under these conditions. Furthermore enhanced oxygen uptake into the metal subsurface zone leads to embrittlement which deteriorates the mechanical properties. To overcome this problem a combined Al- plus F-treatment was developed. The combination of Al-enrichment in the surface zone so that intermetallic TixAly-layers are produced which form a protective alumina layer during high temperature exposure plus stabilization of the Al2O3-scale by the fluorine effect led to significantly improved resistance against increased oxidation and embrittlement in high temperature exposure tests of several Ti-alloys. In this paper, the experimental procedures and achieved improvements are described. The results will be discussed for the use of Ti-alloys at elevated temperatures.
Keywords: Titanium; Titanium-base alloys; Oxidation protection; Fluorine
  • Steel Research International 83(2012)10, 938-942
    DOI: 10.1002/srin.201100281
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2012, 06.-07.12.2012, Dresden, Germany

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