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Chemical ordering of FePt films using millisecond flash-lamp annealing
Brombacher, C.; Schubert, C.; Daniel, M.; Liebig, A.; Beddies, G.; Schumann, T.; Skorupa, W.; Donges, J.; Häberlein, S.; Albrecht, M.;
The structural and magnetic properties of 20-nm-thick FexPt100-x films that were processed by 20 ms flash-lamp annealing were investigated. A maximum in coercivity of (10.4 ± 0.5) kOe was achieved for a composition of Fe53Pt47, which shows also a high degree of L10 chemical order. A variation of the chemical composition toward either higher or lower Fe content leads to a lowering of the coercivity, which can be attributed to a reduction in L10 ordered volume fraction. Thus, in the millisecond time regime, the fastest ordering transformation occurs for slightly Fe-rich FePt films.
Keywords: Flash lamp annealing, FePt-films, magnetic properties, microstructure

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