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CFD analysis of a void distribution benchmark in a rod bundle
Krepper, E.; Rzehak, R.;
The NUPEC “PWR Subchannel and Bundle Tests” (PSBT) were designed to investigate criti-cal heat flux phenomena in rod bundles and yield data to validate hot channel codes. Some of the tests are suitable for validating a CFD wall boiling model. The paper presents CFD calcu-lations of the void distribution tests of the PSBT benchmark using ANSYS CFX-12.1. First, relevant aspects of the implemented wall boiling model are reviewed highlighting the uncer-tainties in several model parameters. It is then shown that the measured cross sectionally av-eraged values can be reproduced well with a single set of calibrated model parameters for different tests cases. For the reproduction of patterns of void distribution cross sections atten-tion has to be focussed on the modelling of turbulence in the narrow channel. Only a turbu-lence model with the capability to resolve turbulent secondary flows is able to reproduce at least qualitatively the observed void distribution patterns.
Keywords: CFD, two-fluid model, wall boiling, model validation, PSBT, rod bundle
  • Kerntechnik 78(2013)1, 38-42

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