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The Use of Magnetic Fields in vertical Bridgman/Gradient Freeze-type Crystal Growth
Pätzold, O.; Niemietz, K.; Lantzsch, R.; Galindo, V.; Grants, I.; Bellmann, M.; Gerbeth, G.;
This paper outlines advanced vertical Bridgman/Gradient Freeze techniques with flow control using magnetic fields developed for the growth of semiconductor crystals. Low-temperature flow modelling, as well as laboratory-scaled crystal growth under the influence of rotating, travelling, and static magnetic fields are presented. Experimental and numerical flow modelling demonstrate the potential of the magnetic fields to establish a well-dened flow for tailoring heat and mass transfer in the melt during growth. The results of the growth experiments are discussed with a focus on the influence of a rotating field on the segregation of dopants, the influence of a travelling field on the temperature field and thermal stresses, and the potential of rotating and static fields for a stabilization of the melt flow.
Keywords: crystal growth, vertical Bridgman technique, Gradient Freeze technique, magnetic fields

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