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Extremely Large Scale Simulation of Surface Growth and Lattice Gases
Ódor, G.; Schulz, H.; Kelling, J.; Heinig, K.-H.; Máté Ferenc, N.;
Learn how to do efficient simulations of interface growth and Kinetic Monte Carlo on GPUs. Due to a mapping of the surface dynamics onto a binary lattices gas bit-coding permits to achieve simulations of unprecedentedly large sizes (2^17 x 2^17) and large speedups (~430 with respect to a single CPU). Explore new techniques in different implementations on GPUs using CUDA and OpenCL. Dive deep into the run-time and scaling analysis on different architectures to find optimal solutions for solving current simulation problems in the field of statistical physics and materials science.
Keywords: Computational Physics; Manufacturing Technical
  • Lecture (Conference)
    GPU Technology Conference, 18.-21.03.2013, San Jose, USA

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