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An analytic approach to modeling the optical response of anisotropic nanoparticle arrays at surfaces and interfaces
Persechini, L.; Verre, R.; Mcalinden, N.; Wang, J.; Ranjan, M.; Facsko, S.; Shvets, I.; Mcgilp, J.;
Anisotropic nanoparticle (NP) arrays with useful optical properties, such as localized plasmon resonances (LPRs), can be grown by self-assembly on substrates, but these systems often have significant dispersion in NP dimensions and distribution, which makes a numerical approach to modeling the LPRs very difficult. An improved analytic approach to this problem is discussed in detail and applied successfully to NP arrays from three systems that differ in NP metal, shape and distribution, and in substrate and capping layer. The materials and anisotropic NP structures that will produce LPRs in desired spectral regions can be determined using this approach.
Keywords: metallic nanoparticles, plasmonics

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