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Overview and current status of the PENELOPE project
Siebold, M.;
PENELOPE (Petawatt, Energy-Efficient Laser for Optical Plasma Experiments) is designed for a pulse energy of 150 J, a repetition rate of 1Hz and a pulse duration of 120 fs after compression. Yb:CaF2 is chosen as gain medium, while each amplifier head consists four He-cooled slabs having a thickness of 5mm and a doping concentration of 1.4mol% Yb3+. The slab diameter of the final 150 J amplifier and its 10 J pre-amplifier is 110 and 55 mm, respectively. A total laser diode peak-power of 1.2 MW is installed for pumping at 980 nm. As front-end a 60 fs Yb:KGW oscillator, a regenerative Yb:CaF2 amplifier and two active mirror Yb:CaF2 multi-pass amplifiers with a pulse energy of 300µJ, 100mJ and 1J are used. The compressor is based on multilayer dielectric (MLD) gratings with a dimension of 94×42cm2, a groove density of 1760 l/mm, a grating distance of 220cm, a hard-clip bandwidth of 50nm, and a output beam diameter of 25cm.
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    Science Palaver talk, 12.02.2014, Jena, Deutschland

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